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Are you sick and tired of your hair looking a mess with split ends and frizz? You probably didn't know this but when your hair is out of wack it means your ions are, too. The only way to bring things back into balance is by using an Electric Ionic Hairbrush.

When you constantly brush and towel-dry your hair you are stripping away negative ions and this causes damage. The Ionic hairbrush restores the natural balance of ions through your hair.

The special comb actually emits negative ions into your hair and helps nourishing ions to replenish themselves. The end result? Shiny, lustrous, beautiful hair that is easy to manage. Did you know that negative ions are affected by heat? This is why the Ionic Hairbrush is powered by electricity.

Check out the Amazing benefits and Features of the Ionic Hairbrush:

  • Natural Ion Generator: The hairbrush acts as a straightener for your hair that releases double the amount of negative ions. This decreases the risk of splits ends and tangles. What your left with is smooth, silky, amazing hair. You won't ever have a "fried" look to your tresses, again!
  • Massaging Vibrations: The ionic hairbrush comes with a massage switch and when activated the comb will vibrate and emit negative ions, consecutively. What does this do? Well, it increases blood flow to your scalp resulting in one heck of a head massage, not mention adding body to your hair.
  • Rounded Tip and Cushiony Brush: The end of the brush is rounded to ensure no damages occur to your scalp. The cushioned brush conforms to your head while you use it.
  • Travel-Friendly and Small: Due to its compact size, you can carry this brush with you everywhere. It's very light in weight, too. Use it anywhere you want, as long as you have batteries. You can easily clean and store the brush.
  • Very Easy To Operate: All you have to do is flip the switch and you're ready to roll! Start at the top of your head and work your way down to the ends of your hair. Repeat accordingly. Use the OFF switch when finished.
  • Super Healthy Hair: Each time you use the Ionic Hairbrush you are contributing to the health of your hair. You'll eliminate frizz, lock-in moisture, and improve the overall quality of your mane. If used long-term, this Ionic Hairbrush can reduce hair loss, decrease headache pain and dizziness, and keep your hair looking smooth and sexy.


  • Material: ABS +Stainless Steel
  • Size: Approx.13 x 7 x 5cm / 5.12 x 2.76 x 1.97in.
  • Power Supply: 1.3W 2 x AAA battery (Not Included)

Package includes:

  • 1 x Electric Ionic Styling Hairbrush
  • 1 x Manual

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Patricia J. Davis

I travel extensively and try to have everything I need packed at all times. This was to be my "travel" brush as I'd paid more for my first. This is a far superior product. First, the packaging was thoughtful to minimize any transport issues. The brush came with a heat protector, a glove to keep your fingertips safe and more features--like a temperature lock. This was a great value.



Jacqueline R. Hewitt

This straightener does the trick on my messy frizzy curls in about 3 minutes. I would recommend it to anyone!!



Thelma J. Anthony

love it! It has lots of settings for different type of hair. My hair is long, coarse and thick so I used a higher heat setting. It is easy to handle but I did find myself pushing the temperature control buttons on accident a few times. It usually takes me about 1 hour to blow dry my hair, but with this brush it took me 20 minutes. The only thing I used was the smoothing cream. I didn't feel like my hair was damaged or burnt during the process. It was left really shiny and with volume, compared to using a flat iron which leaves hair flat. Overall very happy with my purchase.



Tabitha J. Gray

Love it! My hair is long and curly. It takes my 20 mins to straighten my hair compared to 1.5 hours with a straighter. I would recommend this product...



Bertha Dorland

I had given one to my mom and now bought a new one for myself. Truly love how versatile it is and how I can take it with me to my international trips.